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Best Data Recovery Tool For Windows Users


best data recovery tool for windows 7

Best Windows Data Recovery Tool

Have you ever accidently deleted some important files from Windows 8 or Windows 7 or Windows Xp? Of course, the data loss won't break my heart.  But what breaks my heart is that I can never get my data back. I have ever come across the data loss situation. The virus from the pron site was so atrocious that I loss all my important photos and videos.  

I know that there should be data recovery tool to recover the lost data. By the help of Google, I have tried so many data recovery software, and they all claims no data destory after scanning. What makes me angry and desperate is that my files were all ruined by the Low quality recovery tools. About the no IT pro guys, learn to choose the best windows data recovery tool is very important. As to me, the best data recovery software should be Yesterdata.

I have been using Yesterdata and it always done the job. We often store our data in hard disk, memory card, or other storage devices and think it is safe to set the code. But the data can not avoid being lost. Backup the important data seems more and more important now. Except the external memroy card or hard disk, the Cloud Storage is also a good way to restore data. Windows data recovery tool is just a assitant tool.

At some special circumstances, the windows data recovery software will not work at all. However, accidentally data loss incidents would happen in our daily life. Maybe it's a meaningful photo with your lover, or some very important videos with your parents, or the important customer data. Now, you should be panic like me before and try so many methods to save your files. Find the best windows data recovery tool is necessary for the security of your personal data. The software deserve its price.

So is there any way to rescue those deleted or lost data? Are they really gone and never come back? Nono, generally speaking they are still there where they were. They just hide themselves and we can't see them with our naked eyes.  Next I will show you the best data recovery tool for Windows which can help you out.

It's called Yesterdata Data Recovery. Thousands of people have got their lost or deleted files back with this little tool. It is a data recovery tool designed for recovering all lost or deleted files from all Windows operating system. The data recovery tool can not only recover files from memory cards but also from hard disk drives, USB drives and other storage devices. While in the recovering process it can display photos or files in thumbnails, which is really easy to keep the ones you want. It is so easy and fast !

Best Data Recovery Tool For Windows

Actually, you only need 3 steps to perform the recovery with a photo recovery software. It is the most effective method. Does the photo recovery software really work? Yeah, the photos and files mostly are stored in the external memory card, which makes the recovery easy and convenient. Free download  for a try !

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Features about Best Windows Data Recovery Tool

Easy of use and cost effective.
• Support all image or files forms.
Unlimited Free Lifetime Updates.
Supports recover data from corrupt & formatted drivers, memory cards, etc.

How to use the Yesterdata data recovery tool for Windows

1) Download and install Yesterdata Data Recovery for Windows.
2) Launch Yesterdata Data Recovery for Windows.
3) Select your Windows hard drive from where you want to recover your data.
4) Preview your lost files from your storage devices.
5) Recover and save your data from your Windows hard drive.

Yesterdata Data Recovery is Trusted and Recommended by the users all over the World. The screenshots of Yesterdata were listed as follows. Try to use and install the free trail version before you buy. 

Data Recovery from Windows 7 Best Windows data recovery software best data recovery tool for Windows

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Data Recovery Tutorials
  • 1. According to different data loss cases, please select the appropriate recovery mode.
  • 2. Select the devices where your data lost, then click "Next".
  • 3. Just wait for a few minutes!
  • 4. Select the files you want to restore, then click "Next".
  • 5. Please select a directory to save the recovered files, then click "Recover" Now.
  • 6. You need a license key now. If you want to recover your files, you should purchase Yesterdata Data Recovery for the Key !
  • Turn to "Universal Restore" please, if other recovery modes can not find the files you need.
  • More time is required when scanning storage devices with larger space.
  • Unlimited free Lifetime updates. Each license can be used on up to 3 computers/laptops!


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