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How To Recover Data From Desktop - Desktop Data Recovery


Desktop data recovery

Nowadays, almost one in three people has a Desktop. More and more people store data (such as photos,pictures,videos files, doc files) on to computer. Yeah, the Science and Technology changed  our life. As more and more Tanzanians gain easy access to technology and the Internet, it is more easy to store data and share information with each others. 

“It’s the era of the Internet, and since many people spend most of their time on social networks, it is easier to create an online album than using the hard copy,” says Naima Rajab, a tutor at a Dar es Salaam-based university. Just like many of us today, Naima uses her sophisticated Blackberry phone to take and upload photos, videos, and personal files ( documents) on her Facebook, almost on a daily basis.

Besides the obvious risks of abuse by hackers, and lack of privacy, there are many more disadvantages of the new ways people are adopting to keep their treasured memories and important files, experts say. “It is very easy for computer software to be corrupted at any time, and in a flash you lose important data,” he says. We always have the photos, videos files, Business data, which we don't want to share with friends, then the private Desktop or laptop is the best choice. However, we can not avoid data loss from various incidents. What should we do if we lost our data? How to save the data? The Desktop data recovery seems more important at this situation. And find a data recovery software is necessary in case of the accidentally incidents. Compared with your personal and valuable data, the data recovery software deserve its price.

Desktop data recovery software

Actually you only need a few steps to complete the Desktop data recovery. The first thing you should do is to find a data recovery software, which is designed for Desktop or laptop. We would use Yesterdata data recovery as an example to guide you complete the data recovery from Desktop. Feel free and download Yesterdata data recovery. Yesterdata is smart and powerful engough. 100% safe and clean software. 
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How to recover deleted data from Desktop

Step 1.  Choose your data loss situation to detect data from your Desktop.

Yesterdata Data Recovery contains 6 data recovery modules, which is orgnised by your data loss situation. If you don't know which you should choose, just click the "Universal Restore" button. 

Desktop Data Recovery

Step 2.  Select advanced scan as an example in the primary window. Then select your target disk.

All your hard disk or memory card will be showed here. Click to choose your target disk, where you lost your deleted data. Normally the data on the Desktop are stored in "C" or "D" Disk in defaut mode. Then click the "Start" Button. The data recovery process is to begin. Just wait for seconds.

Recover data from desktop

Stpe 3.  Preview the volume of data and select the ones on main windows.

When the scan is complete, you can preview those recoverable data in the main window. Mark those you want and click "Recover" to save them all on your computer with one click. And double click the thumbnails, you can preview the photos in big size.

Preview recoverable data from desktop

Step 4.  Recover the selected data to a new folder on another disk.

In order to recover deleted data from Desktop successfully, you had better save the photos to a different disk. So the deleted data won't be partially overwritten.

Recover your deleted data from desktop

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Data Recovery Tutorials
  • 1. According to different data loss cases, please select the appropriate recovery mode.
  • 2. Select the devices where your data lost, then click "Next".
  • 3. Just wait for a few minutes!
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  • 5. Please select a directory to save the recovered files, then click "Recover" Now.
  • 6. You need a license key now. If you want to recover your files, you should purchase Yesterdata Data Recovery for the Key !
  • Turn to "Universal Restore" please, if other recovery modes can not find the files you need.
  • More time is required when scanning storage devices with larger space.
  • Unlimited free Lifetime updates. Each license can be used on up to 3 computers/laptops!


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