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Google Nexus Data Recovery


Until now there is a line of Nexus products, including Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Nexus Q, Nexus 4, Nexus 10.  They're all Google's sons with a good product design. However, it doesn't mean there is no data loss situation with the father-and-son relationship. We may also lost our files on Google Nexus. There is no exception on Google Nexus. 

Then when you accidentally deleted your files on Google Nexus, such as some important office files, precious photos with your parents, some videos or audios, what should you do?  Take it easy. They are not really missing. Google Nexus's storage card is like a computer hard drive. When data is lost, it shows that the pointer to the files is removed and the data may be still there. They are not destroyed but hide themselves. We can find and recover them. Google Nexus data recovery is simple and accessible.

What We Need For Google Nexus Data Recovery

A computer with Windows.

A card reader or a data cable.(Get your computer to recognize the storage card )

Google Nexus data recovery software.(Yesterdata Data Recovery is professional for Google Nexus)

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Step by Step Guide

1. Download Google Nexus data recovery software. (Yesterdata Data Recovery)

Install Google Nexus Data Recovery

2. Connect Google Nexus to computer and make sure it appears as a drive letter in "Computer".

Google Nexus Data Recovery Software

3. Launch Yesterdata Data Recovery and choose "U Disk/Memory Card".

recover deleted data from Google Nexus

4. Choose Google Nexus and then click "Next".

select your Google Nexus memory card

5. Just wait for a moment and begin Google Nexus data recovery !

Recover your deleted files from Google Nexus



Since we released Yesterdata Data Recovery, it has been widely recognised by our clients. Not only because it is really easy to use and professional, but also because we offer a full refund to anyone whose data cannot be recovered with this Google Nexus data recovery software. 

How to Order

1). Ordering is fast and secure. After submitting your order online you will reach a confirmation page and we will send the license key immediately  to your e-mail address.

2). After purchased you don't have to download and run the software again, just enter the license key in the demo version, and you will get the full version. 

Other Features

1). Recover all common file types.

2). Preview mode when recovering files.

3). Each license can be used on 3 PCs!

4). Unlimited Free Lifetime Updates.

5). Up to 95% success rate of recovery. 

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Data Recovery Tutorials
  • 1. According to different data loss cases, please select the appropriate recovery mode.
  • 2. Select the devices where your data lost, then click "Next".
  • 3. Just wait for a few minutes!
  • 4. Select the files you want to restore, then click "Next".
  • 5. Please select a directory to save the recovered files, then click "Recover" Now.
  • 6. You need a license key now. If you want to recover your files, you should purchase Yesterdata Data Recovery for the Key !
  • Turn to "Universal Restore" please, if other recovery modes can not find the files you need.
  • More time is required when scanning storage devices with larger space.
  • Unlimited free Lifetime updates. Each license can be used on up to 3 computers/laptops!


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